My name is Vo Ngoc Bich Thuy. I was a student majoring in Food technology at An Giang University, class of 2019.

The Teillon – Ludlow scholarship program operated by Mr. Marc Teillon and Mrs. Meredith Ludlow, The Asia Foundation and Center for Education and Development started in 2015 with the aim of supporting disadvantaged female students studying Agriculture and Information Technology to pursue university. I was very lucky to be one of the students receiving this grant.

Attending university had always been my dream, but this also meant that my mom had to work very hard to get enough money for me, especially after my father passed away when I was in grade 12.  No matter how difficult her job was, my mother always encouraged me to focus on my study to reach further achievements.

I think it was very fortunate for me to get to know the scholarship program and decide to apply for it without hesitation. If I did not believe in myself, I would never have been awarded with such a valuable scholarship like this.

With the financial support of VND 13 – 25 million per year, I never had to worry about tuition fee and other expenses. Besides, the scholarship program provided me with a laptop to study more effectively and a dormitory room which I shared with other students in the program. In addition, the program also organized extracurricular activities to create opportunity for students to get more experience, improve soft skills, learn English and orient our own career path better.

I graduated in June 2019 and I am currently a seafood processor at Indian Ocean Indian Ocean Co., Ltd, which is very near my house. I will try to adapt well with the working environment here and never stop learning to become better day by day. In the future, I will try as hard as possible to become successful in order to come back and contribute to the program.  

I would like to thank Mr. Teillon and Mrs. Ludlow for helping me throughout 4 years of university. I am also grateful for the support of The Asia Foundation and Center for Education and Development, who held a lot of meaningful events and workshops for us.

Finally, I would like to send best wishes to Mr. Teillon and Mrs. Ludlow. I hope that the program will grow stronger every year in order to help as many deprived students as possible. To other disadvantaged girls out there, grab whatever opportunity and miracles will happen. Be shining stars in a dark sky!


Best regards,

Vo Ngoc Bich Thuy