My name is Nguyen Thi Hong Tho, an alumna majoring in Plant Conservation at An Giang University.

I was born in a disadvantaged family in the suburban area. My parents had to work very hard to earn a living for a 6-member family. My grandmother was very weak, my sister was unemployed and me and other sibling were going to school. My parents’ income depended on only coir and rice, but it was very unstable. However, they always tried hard to give us the best condition. To us, being able to continue school was very uncertain.

2015 was a lucky year for me as I was awarded with Teillon-Ludlow sholarship. It was not only a source of financial support but also motivated me to overcome any challenge in my life. With their warm hearts, Mr. Teillon, Mrs. Ludlow, and Center for Education and Development have assisted me not only in paying my tuition fees but also in soft skills training workshops, voluntary activities, field trips and more. From these, I have learnt a lot of useful knowledge and improve myself.

Thanks to generous support from the scholarship, I have finished Bachelor’s degree program with Good result. At the present, I am learning English and will enroll in a postgraduate program and apply for a suitable job in the near future.

I would like to say thank you to Mr. Teillon, Mrs. Ludlow, The Asia Foundation, Center for Education and Development, and An Giang University. I hope you will be healthy and the program will develop significantly.

Nguyen Thi Hong Tho