The Asia Foundation has cooperated with the Center for Education and Development (CED), implemented the Asia Foundation scholarship program, supporting 101 Can Tho girls with difficult family circumstances but have the strength and will to excel in learning. These 101 girls are enrolled in Grade 10, of which 50 are supported by Estee Lauder Company, 10 from Mr. and Mrs. Doson’s family, 3 from Mr. and Mrs. Lan Le’s family, 16 from Condor and 22 from Thuy Nguyen. In addition to scholarships, the program also organizes useful activities to help students equip them with the necessary skills for better study and career orientation for their future.

On July 3, 2023, the Asia Foundation, the Center for Education and Development in cooperation with Can Tho City Learning Promotion Association organized the 2nd scholarship awarding ceremony and career guidance program for 101 girls to receive Asia Foundation scholarships for the academic year 2022-2023.

Purpose of the program: Awarding the 2nd Asia Foundation Scholarship for the academic year 2022-2023;  Create opportunities for students to meet and interact with experts in the field of human resources, representatives of donors and senior students – who are receiving Asia Foundation scholarships – from Can Tho University;  Provide them with skills and experiences that help them learn more effectively in the high school environment; and Help them better understand career guidance, choose a major/profession, choose a suitable job after graduating from high school based on their own abilities and social needs.

Participants: Representative of Can Tho City Learning Promotion Association; Ms. Dinh Thi Kieu Nhung, Education Specialist, Asia Foundation in Vietnam (TAF);  Ms. Ha Thi Thuong, Education Officer of Center for Education and Development (CED);  Mr. Tran Duy Hoa, Project Officer of Planète Enfants & Développement (PE&D), Founding Member of Center for Capacity Building for Women and Children (CSWC), Visiting Teacher of Ho Chi Minh City College of Civil Architecture, Ton Duc Thang Vocational Vocational School of Engineering and Technology,  Vocational Education Support Specialist;  101 Grade 10 girls received Asia Foundation scholarships; Guests, students, teachers.

In the morning of July 3, 2023, there was a scholarship awarding ceremony for 101 grade 10 students of Can Tho city to receive Asian Foundation scholarships. After that, a career exchange program took place. The program has connected scholarship recipients and helped them identify which career group they belong to and know how to find information for choosing majors, universities / colleges according to the aspirations and abilities of their families and themselves. A student shared her opinion after the career guidance program: “After Mr. Hoa’s career guidance, it helped me understand myself better through career quizzes, helping me choose the right career for myself.”

After the program, students have learned lessons: Interacting with people and discovering the hidden personality inside; There must be dreams and goals in life; Orient my professional future; I need to work harder to accomplish our goals; I will know how to choose the profession that is best for me; Must have skills and knowledge; When I want to choose a career, I have to see if it is suitable or not. Is there any passion and competence or not. After choosing, it is necessary to persevere with that decision to avoid wasting time, effort as well as youth; I need to improve myself more.