On July 1, 2023 (Saturday), the Asia Foundation and CED collaborated with An Giang University to organize a training session on CV writing skills and interview practice for 40 female students who received STEM scholarships from the Asia Foundation at An Giang University. The objectives of the program: i) Enhance CV writing skills and interview practice for scholarship recipients; ii) Students in the scholarship program have the opportunity to interact with each other.

In the morning of July 1, 2023, students were shared by Ms. Nguyen Thi Bao Ngoc, an expert of the State Bank of Vietnam in An Giang province, about how to write CVs to attract employers, CV writing mistakes that new graduates should note. Then each student wrote themselves 1 copy of their CV and exchanged their CVs with their peers in the group for comments and suggestions. After the morning program, each student wrote 1 copy of their CV.

In the afternoon, the students continued to have their interview skills shared by expert Nguyen Nha. After the warm-up game at the beginning of the program, the expert trained the students on notes when going to the interview, before going to the interview, what to prepare; Mistakes when answering some recruiter’s trick questions, suggesting ways to answer difficult questions of the recruiter, such as asking about salary or why not at the old company, etc. Experts offerred many hypothetical situations, groups select situations and then send representatives of each group to present. Next, the expert continued to share his own experience when he first graduated from school to go to the interview. For the rest of the training program, the expert let the students sat in a circle to interview each of them, then let the rest of them commented and drew experience from their own interview.

At the end of the training, the students shared that they learned a lot from the program and thanked the organizers of the program. Students participating in the training program shared: “I learned the importance of writing a CV for myself and how to create a CV to attract employers. Writing a CV needs to be short, concise, not too wordy and well-meaning. I learned how to write a more complete CV than before. I know my abilities as well as my shortcomings. As for the interview, it helps me get lessons to learn from and improve more before embarking on the path to work. The program helps me know what to write on my CV, skills when going to interviews.”