On July 2, 2023, students of Can Tho University who received STEM scholarships from the Asia Foundation were present at room 210/ATL – Hi-Tech Building, Can Tho University to attend the CV writing and interview training program.

In the morning of July 2, 2023, students were told by Mr. Le Phuc Hai, a skill expert to share how to write CVs to attract employers, CV writing mistakes that new graduates should note. Then each student wrote themselves 1 copy of their CV and exchanged their CVs with their peers in the group for comments and suggestions. The expert also guided students how to search for resources on the internet and guides how to find information about companies/businesses that students themselves want to apply for jobs in the future. In addition, the teacher also guided students to find job opportunities from the Morning programs, each student has written 1 copy of their CV.

In the afternoon, students continued to share interview skills by expert Tran Van Ket. After the warm-up game at the beginning of the program, the expert trained students on notes when going to the interview, before going to the interview, what to prepare; Mistakes when answering some recruiter’s trick questions, suggesting ways to answer difficult questions of the recruiter, such as asking about salary or why not at the old company, etc. Experts offerred many hypothetical situations, groups select situations and then send representatives of each group to present. Next, the expert continued to share his own experience when he first graduated from school to go to the interview. For the rest of the training program, the expert let the students sat in a circle to interview each of them, then let the rest of them comment and draw experience from their own interview.

At the end of the training, the students shared that they learned a lot from the program and thanked the organizers of the program. Students participating in the training program shared: “The quote of MSc Le Phuc Hai that impressed me the most was “Who are you?”, although this is a familiar question, sometimes I forget about myself. From there, when asked about yourself, you will think more carefully about your intentions, and direction, and define yourself; Who are you? What is your mission?; I was most impressed that the speaker introduced us to a great CV creation tool. I was impressed with the demeanor of the speakers, confident but natural, conveying the content very understandably; He introduced Linkedln, Vietnamjob which impressed me very much. After the program, I learned a lesson for myself: Must prepare well before going to the interview. Add relevant soft skills that employers need; English is especially important when applying for jobs and the confident communication skills and understanding of the job application are core when applying for a job.”