On the 22nd and 23rd of December 2018, Can Tho and An Giang Universities organized a two day soft skills training course for students receiving Teillon – Ludlow scholarships. The course forms part of a series of activities from the Teillon – Ludlow scholarship fund. Students were awarded certificates upon completing the course. The training focused on improving student’s presentation skills in order to ensure that they are well prepared for their future careers. It also created a friendly and open environment for scholarship students to socialise and network.

The training focused on a wide array of presentation skills. These included how to create content for a presentation, how best to design slides, how different attire can be used in presentations and how body language can be used when presenting. Students also had the opportunity to practice what they had learned via giving group presentations on a favourite topic. Their presentations were reviewed by experts who provided the students with feedback.

Kim Ly, An Giang University noted that “the most impressive part of the program was the expert’s feedback. They gave really detail comments. I have learned a lot not only from the comments of my group, but also from the expert’s feedback.

Mr. Le Phuong Thao, who attends Can Tho University, talked about what he had learned having taking part in the course: “I have learned how to compose content for a presentation and to select information that is concise and clear, the importance of not going into too much fine detail, and how to help ensure a presentation finishes on time. Based on the feedback from friends and experts, I have also learned about slide layout and how to present in a self-confident style in front of a crowd”.