On April 17, 2017, CED in collaboration with the Asia Foundation, An Giang University, Can Tho University organized an exchange event between the group of female Teillon Ludlow scholarships recipients with 12 young leaders from Asian countries. The event aims to strengthen the regional cohesion in general and enhance cultural understanding in particular between Vietnam and other countries in the region.

 Teillon Ludlow female students and 12 Young Leaders in Asia

Not only financial support but also capacity building and skills enhancement for students

The Teillon Ludlow scholarship program has been launched at An Giang University and Can Tho University from 2015 to 2016 with 80 female student recipients in the fields of Agriculture and Information Technology. The Center for Education and Development (CED), in collaboration with the Asia Foundation, has assisted and provided students not only with financial support but also a favourable environment to develop social knowledge, soft skills through group meetings, club activities, and networking. Since 2011, CED has assisted 300 college-aged girls who qualify for college but have financial difficulties while enrolled in the fields where men usually dominate the top ten universities from the major cities. Nationwide with the support of the Asian Foundation and some other donors.

Ms. To Kim Lien, Director of CED, shared: “In addition to long-term financial support, the program also offers a wide range of training opportunities in English, information technology, technical and soft skills. Our program also enables the students to interact with successful people in various areas through events such as today show. The opportunity to exchange and share with female leaders and successful young people will help raise their motivation, skills and confidence. Most students in this program have difficult backgrounds, so they do not usually have opportunity to approach such activities. Therefore, all activities in this program are aimed at equipping necessary skills effectively to help you grasp better job opportunities after graduation.

 Mr Surya Karki (Nepal) – a young leader in education was interviewed by jounalist.

Women can do the same profession as men, as long as you have confidence in yourself

At the event, there are 12 guest fellows from Asian countries who are talented young leaders actively engaging in various areas such as climate change research, television news production, human rights protection, gender equality, economic development and regional cooperation. Young leaders and students exchanged and discussed current issues of concern. You also discussed and shared the path to success in many areas, how to plan personal objectives and the secrets to achieve goals. Effective time management to balance learning, part-time work and extra-curricular activities is also the point they discussed enthusiasticly.

Surya Karki (Nepal), who is working in education field (establishing schools) in Nepal, said: “Women can do the same job as men. You can become a leader or entrepreneur if you are determined enough. Through this program, I would like to remind you that you have participated in a scholarship program so you are responsible to strive to bring about change for the country and the community in the future.”

Iromi Perera, Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Policy Alternatives (CPA) in Sri Lanka, said: “Everyone can contribute positive change for the society and the community, regardless of social status or gender. It is important that we have desire and faith that we can do it. And in order to bring positive change, we must keep learning.”

 Teillon Ludlow students presented the result of teamwork.

This event is a great opportunity for students to meet young leaders, to learn and exchange culture, to enhance communication skills, confidence, and to learn life experiences from the young leaders’ generation. Through the program, students are inspired and motivated to strive to contribute to the development of society.

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