On March 30th and April 1st, The Center for Education and Development (CED) collaborated with Can Tho University and An Giang University to organize Writing Curriculum Vitae and Interview Skill  Training for 80 female students who received Teillon Ludlow scholarships. In addition, it also had plannned group activities training in the dorm for the students. Trainers included human resource officers, lecturers of the universities and the education officers of CED.

(Ms To Mai Anh who provided training for female students is Human Resource Manager of Ciputra Club.)

When it came to communication skills, Ms To Mai Anh touched on many factors that students need for effective communication, such as listening, observing, rejecting, presuming, considering situations, etc. She emphasized that to become an effective communicator, you must regularly practice each skill. She also highlighted things to note and what to avoid for effective communication.

As a recruiter, Ms Mai Anh analyzed the interview process and pointed out things that interviewers look for in a resume. The resume should be clearly designed, and the candidate strengths must be highlighted so as to meet the job requirements.

When attending the interview, the first thing of importance to be noted by the students, is the importance of dressing professionally and to have good manners, the trainers emphasized this. In addition, the trainers pointed out that the candidates should be honest, humble and progressive. During the training the students practiced writing CVs which were than analyzed, and any queries were answered by the trainers.

For the presentation skill students were divided into groups to discuss, “How to Balance between love and Study”, a topic the students were very interested in. Trainers not only gave information, but also organized many practical, interactive activities such as group discussions, games, presentations, arguments, etc.

(The students of Can Tho University bravely shared their difficult situations in their study environment as well as in life.)

 “During the training, I was highly impressed by presentation activities. Within the same topic, each group had a different presentation, and members of each group were so active and full of energy. Moreover, each group gave many great opinions and debated each other humorously” said Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang (a student of An Giang University)

After the training, students, experts and CED staff made plans for the club’s activities in the near future.