The picnic exchange program to share learning experience between the Merali scholarship recipients

On September 18, 2018

On April 24th, 2016, the Merali female scholarship recipients from National University of Civil Engineering took a field trip to Me Linh Station for biodiversity organized by The Center for Education and Development and The Merali scholarship fund.

The trip was enthusiastically received by 27 the Merali female scholarship recipients 1 cohort  and 35 students 2 cohort. The students arrived at Me Linh Station for Biodiversity at about 10 am. The weather was sunny, perfect for collective activities and working hard as real farmers.

The students were divided into 3 groups, each group being assigned to a specific task. Group 1 was responsible for garden cleaning, Group 2 for the grass in the vegestable garden, Group 3 for the medicinal garden (cultivation of medicinal plants, raising beds, weeding). All groups completed their tasks excellently within a short time. The garden was clean and tidy. During their time working together, the students shared funny moments, stories and humorous gestures.

In addition, the students also participated in the exchange activities to share experiences and leaning methods in the Me Linh Station Hall.  They discussed dificulties and improvements in learning, such as how to better learn Computer Science, how to manage time effectively and how to plan to study properly. After the exchange, the students had a picnic in the forest and visited rare and precious animals in the station. In the fresh air and scenery the students were close to nature and shared happy moments together.