How to learn vocabulary effectively  

From 1:30pm to 5:00pm, Monday June 20th 2022 at Creative corner American Hangout, on 3rd floor, An Giang University Library, a sharing program “How to learn vocabulary effectively” was held. It was hosted by Huynh My Linh from the Foreign language faculty, who is in charge of American Hangout and English Community programs at An Giang University. The program attracted the enthusiastic participation of students, especially the group of female students who received the STEM scholarships from the Asia Foundation.

By joining the program, students learned about: The importance of learning vocabulary; Where to learn vocabulary? How to learn vocabulary?; How to memorize vocabulary?

Then the students were divided into small groups to draw mindmaps about a topic that was given to them randomly. Each team presented the mindmap and what had been learned. Afterwards, the host selected 3 of the best mindmaps to award. The program is exciting and helpful, while providing students with useful information and knowledge to learn English effectively. You can watch the video about the program here.