Women in STEM

Women are underrepresented in STEM across the globe. According to UNESCO, only 29 percent of those in scientific research and development are women, and only  19 percent in South and West Asia. In the Asia Pacific region, a recent survey conducted with YouGov highlighted that approximately one third of teachers (32 percent) believe that girls’ lack of interest in computer science is the primary reason behind their under-representation in the field. Other factors include a lack of parental support, and curricula not being applicable to real-world applications. Furthermore, a survey conducted by Microsoft in 2018 showed that 64 percent of girls and 56 percent of young women (out of a total of 6,000 female students surveyed) did not know any women working in a STEM field.

With the aim of providing female students the opportunity to understand more about careers in STEM of which are available to them and to encourage them to pursue their dreams in science and technology, Microsoft organizes a global DigiGirlz campaign between March and April of every year, connecting them with Microsoft staff and role models in all STEM fields. In 2018 and 2019, CED and Microsoft YouthSpark students co-organized nearly 70 DigiGirlz Workshop seminars for approximately 8,300 high school students in 18 provinces and cities across Vietnam.

CED will continue to promote the participation and interest of female students in science and innovation through STEM education and digital skills; create opportunities to encourage girls in high schools to explore their potential, and to choose STEM as their undergraduate major and future career.

For those who are interested in providing financial support to organize events and to help run a DigiGirlz campaign in March-April every year, please contact:   Ha Thi Thuong (email: thuonght@ced.edu.vn, cell#: 0388.706.696)