About The Asia Foundation Scholarship – funded by Meredith Ludlow & Marc Teillon

Since July 2015, Teillon Lulow Scholarship Program has funded The Asia Foundation (TAF) and Centre of Education and Development’s (CED) mission to support and finance eligible female students through university. This program offers scholarships to 30 female students pursuing a degree at An Giang University and 50 scholarships to students pursuing a degree at Can Tho University. These scholarships are granted by Mr. Meredith Ludlow and Mrs. Marc Teillon.

The distribution of these scholarships are as follows:

An Giang University –  30 scholarships available to female students majoring in Agriculture (4-year period).

Can Tho University – 50 scholarships available to:

  • 20 female students majoring in Agriculture (4-year period)
  • 30 female students majoring in Technology (5-year period)

Can Tho University:

  • 20 female students majoring in Agriculture (4-year period)
  • 30 female students majoring in Technology (5-year period)

An Giang University: 30 female students majoring in Agriculture (4-year period)


To be eligible for this scholarship all candidates must:

  • Be a Vietnamese citizen;
  • Be a female freshman student at An Giang University or Can Tho University, and have already received the admission certificate to their chosen university and course;
  • Come from a low income family, or a family with special circumstances. The student must be able to prove the family’s income and/or have certification of any special circumstances from the local authorities;
  • Prove their academic achievements and commit to taking part in the scholarship program’s activities and responsibilities.

Monitoring process

Centre for Education and Development (CED) is responsible for reporting the academic results of students who are receiving scholarships to The Asia Foundation. CED will monitor whether students maintain a GPA of 2.0 out of 4.0 over two consecutive semesters. If they cannot, then the student will be withdrawn from the scholarship and be replaced with another student. The new student will be from the same university course and meet the eligibility criteria.

Regulations of Teillon – Ludlow scholarship

TAF and CED will work closely with An Giang University and Can Tho University to select and award scholarships to successful candidates who meet the criteria above. The list of female students selected that will be notified to the school where they are admitted and sent directly to them before September 15, 2015. The scholarship will be offered at the end of September 2015.

Student’s Responsibilities of the Program

  • In order to receive the scholarships for the duration of the student’s university degree of 4 or 5 years, the student must ensure they complete their course and achieve good academic results throughout all semesters. The minimum GPA to achieve is 2.0 out of 4.0.
  • The students who are granted scholarships must open a personal bank account at Vietcombank for which CED will transfer the scholarship payments into three times per year. The first payment is at the beginning of the academic year, the second during the second semester, and the final payment is at the end of the academic year.
  • The scholarship money must only be used for academic purposes (excluding accommodation).
  • Every year, each student in the program will submit the following:
    1. Expenditure Plan
      • This involves presenting a plan on how the student intends to spend their scholarship over the academic year. This may be on tuition, books, stationary and learning tools. The plan is to be submitted at the beginning of every academic year.
    2. Mid-term Learning Report
      • This report is to be submitted after the student receives their grades for the first semester. The student is required to write about the achievements and/or difficulties they have experienced during the year so far. Photos to illustrate this are encouraged.
    3. End-of-year Report to PMU
      • This report is to be submitted after the student receives their second semester grades and final grades of the academic year. Similar to the mid-term report, the student is required to share their experiences, achievements and/or difficulties that they faced during the full academic year. It is important the student acknowledges the scholarship when sharing their experiences.
  • The program will provide an online platform for the students to connect with each other. Again, the students are encouraged to share their experiences, difficulties, photographs and achievements in order to support each other.
  • In-person meetings and discussions will be coordinated so that the students can support and encourage each other during their studies face-to-face. Students attending the same university will meet once every 2 months and at the end of each semester. All other scholarship program participants from all universities will meet once a year.

Withdrawing From The Program

  • If a student wants to withdraw from the program due to any reason a withdrawal application with explanation must be provided. The application form must be certified and show the student’s commitment to refund the scholarship money that they received, but did not use.
  • In the case of when a student does not achieve the outlined learning requirements, an announcement about scholarship withdrawal will be sent to the student. They will be required to refund the unused amount of the scholarship.
  • Once withdrawn from the program, the student is not allowed to apply for the scholarship again.


Center for Education and Development

18thA Floor, MD Complex Tower, #68 Nguyen Co Thach Street, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi

Phone: (84-4) 3562.7494

Email: cedhanoi@ced.edu.vn

Manager of the program: Ha Thi Thuong: 0388.706.696