Workshop on gender and gender equality for Dao students in Ba Vi Commune, Hanoi

On December 25, 2015

Center for Education and Development (CED) hosted a workshop on gender and gender equality for students at Yen Son Village’s cultural house and Hop Son Village’s cultural house.

Organizers are:
1. Ha Thi Thuong – CED staff
2. Nguyen Tien Thanh – CED staff
3. Duong Phu Bang – Secretary of Youth Union of Ba Vi Commune
4. Ly Thi Lan – Officer of Women’s Union of Ba Vi Commune
5. Trieu Sinh Vien – Officer of Youth Union of Ba Vi Commune
and 40 Merali scholars.
Time: from 9h30 to 16h30 on December 21, 2014

Workshop contents:
The workshop attracted representatives of Youth Union, Women’s Union and Hop Son Village officers. Especially there were many students from three village of Ba Vi Commune enthusiatically participated.
The workshop started with interesting games arranged by Merali scholars. Then, introducing some information about gender and gender equality. The students answered questions which Merali scholars given. After that, the students divided into groups to discuss and draw pictures about their dreams. They could freely imagine with the help of the scholars.


The students excited for afternoon because they can present their drawings. Most of the girls wanted to become teacher, others wanted to be singer, artist, doctor, police officer, environmental worker. Most boys wanted to be police officer, doctor, others wanted to be creator, Eastern medicine distributor (because they wanted to distribute Dao’s traditional medicine nationwide), veterinarian, pilot.
The students presented their future dream job passionately. They hoped to participate in many interesting workshop from CED in the future to gain their skills.
In the workshop on December 21, 2014, CED also evaluated 83 students in 10 skills: communication, anxiety coping, refusing, goal setting, contradiction solving, support seeking, assertion, decision making & problem solving, value determining, and self awarerness. Most of the students wanted to gain these skills.
CED also gave Merali scholars a survey about this volunteer in Ba Vi.


What have you learned from this workshop?
The Merali scholars shared many thoughts about this workshop. Some said they had a great time in Ba Vi mountains, great talks with the children. The workshop had social meaning, taught children with gentle approach through activities they like. They admired the children’s enthusiastic learning. During the workshop, the Merali scholars got to know more about the children’s life in Ba Vi, their difficulties, what they dream of. The students were shy but very adorable and positive despite their difficulties in life. The Merali scholars learned how to host a workshop and work with children. They gained some experiences that would help organizing better activities in the future.