Vietnam Association for Promoting Education

On March 19, 2014

Vietnam Association for Promoting EducationVietnam Association for Promoting Education (VAPE) is a social organization of citizens dedicated to contributing towards higher education in order to: improve the human resources capacity, foster the industrialization and modernization of the country and to enhance the regional and international integration.

Vietnam Association for Promoting Education is a member of The Vietnamese Fatherland Front which operates under the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and executes the following tasks:

  • Encourage and support the teaching and learning process in the schools, contributing to the increase in educational level of a whole society and to the overall educational potential with special attention to gifted people in inferior positions with a lesser chance of a good education.
  • Connect families, social organizations, education and training institutions in order to contribute to the physical, mental and emotional health needs of the teachers. Coordinate the work between the schools, family and society, build a healthy educational environment and contribute to the improvement of the quality of education.
  • Consult and evaluate the education policy on the basis of the educators and scientists’ relevant opinions; make suggestions to the Party, Government and the Education Department on policies and measures relevant to the development of education.