Tran Thi Nga – Female student from Ha Noi National University

On April 14, 2014

Tran Thi Nga – Typical Girl From Ha Noi National University

Tran Thi Nga is a 2nd year student of Advanced Chemistry at Hanoi National University. Her journey to obtaining a Merali Scholarship was quite challenging. In 2011, she passed the national exam and was admitted at the faculty of Mathematics of Hanoi National University. During this period of time she was one of the 100 girls who received the Merali Scholarship. However, after one year she realized that Mathematics was not suitable for her. Therefore, she decided to retake the university exam and and enroll in the faculty of Advanced Chemistry of Hanoi National University. She successfully passed the exam and further achieved good academic results during the first semester of the academic year of 2012-2013. This was the evidence for her strong determination. Because of the efforts she showed, she was given a Merali Scholarship for the remaining academic years.

When asked about her decision on changing her major, she shared: “I thought I had the capacity for studying Mathematics, but after one semester I noticed that I could not continue. At that time, I also thought that if I re-enroll in another faculty I may lose the opportunity to receive the Merali Scholarship but I was determined to do it because I still believed a miracle would happen for me. Luckily, due to my efforts in the new faculty, I achieved great results and was granted the Scholarship. I am really grateful to Mr. Merali who supports female students pursuing degrees in engineering and basic science”.

She lives with parents who are farmers, raising her and her 4 sisters who all attend school and also providing for her grandparents. Despite her difficult economic situation, she had always strived to study. During her education she shared the same difficulties as her male fellow students as: being exposed to toxic chemicals, a heavy curriculum and a lack of social activities.

Merali Scholarships are awarded to girls coming from a poor background but having good academic achievements not only in Vietnam but in many other countries as well. When asked about Merali’s memoir, she shared: “I have read the Merali’s memory, keeping in mind his lifetime story, I realized that I need to work hard to succeed. I must always look for opportunities to improve myself and always keep a sense of responsibility. When he was only 19 years old, he went to Rwanda to look for job and applied to a furniture and home appliances store. The branch Manager directly interviewed and asked him about his expected salary. And he said: The salary is not that important for me, the only thing I need is a job. You can see how I work and make your own decision how much I deserve to be paid.” This left a really strong impression in me. I admire his confidence and morale at work that made it impossible for the employer not to turn down his application. “