Summer camp for students

During the summer of 2022, CED and the Student Affairs of An Giang University organized a summer camp program with the aim to create an opportunity for students participating in the Asia Foundation’s STEM scholarship scheme to participate in volunteer activities, upholding the spirit of community by organizing entertaining and educational activities for children, as well as practicing training in a social work capacity to contribute to the community. Based on the objectives and requirements of the program, the Student Affairs of An Giang University brought together Nguyen Huu Canh primary school and the university students to prepare for the summer camp. Additionally, office staff were sent to support the students throughout the summer camp.

The students finalized preparation for the program on 02/08/2022, assigning which person would be in charge of each activity. On 03/08/2022, they continued the preparation process. By 04/08/2022, the summer camp 2022 at Nguyen Huu Canh primary school (My Hoa Hung, Long Xuyen, An Giang) had begun.

Participants: 63 students and 28 university students (listed on the following list).

Content of the summer camp: Activity 1: Divide students into groups, name groups, create group regulations; Activity 2: Help students doing science activities, such as making paper flower bloom in water, magical water bag, etc.; Activity 3: Guide students in solving Mystery Maze; Activity 4: Play outdoor games like stringing rubber bands with straws, land surfing, etc.; Activity 5: Loving connection; Activity 6: Make gift card for friends/teachers; Activity 7: Fun quiz; Activity 8: Summary and give gifts to students.

There are many advantages of the program: An Giang University administration always provides strong support to the Center of Education & Development as well as the Asia Foundation in organizing activities for female students within the scholarship program; Nguyen Huu Canh primary school has provided requirements and created a suitable environment for the organized summer camp; all the students participating in the summer camp program are enthusiastic, friendly and actively engage in summer camp activities; An Giang University staff are also enthusiastic and dedicated throughout the summer camp.

The program has delivered fun and useful activities to both the students of Nguyen Huu Canh primary school and An Giang University students who received the Asia Foundation’s STEM scholarships. In addition, the program brought students closer together, creating a joyful experience for all involved.