Speech of Nguyen Thi Chi – student of Hanoi National University

On September 23, 2015

Good afternoon ladies, gentlemen, and dear friends, thank you for your presence here today,

I would like to introduce myself; My name is Nguyen Thi Chi, I ‘m a graduate of the University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam national university. Now, I’m working for Toshiba software development Vietnam.


Speech of Nguyen Thi Chi, student of Hanoi National University

Dear Ms. Yasmin Merali, dear deputies and friends are present in the ceremony today.

First of all, I would like to thank you for  the continuous support of the Asian Foundation, the Center of Education Development and the teachers for your enthusiasm help that I have received during the period of University.

Today, I am delighted to be here to share with you about my work experience in the last 3 months which are the first 3 month in a job in my life.

I must say that I ‘m a lucky person because I got the job in my major right after I graduated from university. This thing is very important to me, after so many years of study I can make money by myself and can support my family.

Going to work actually helps me to get a lot of interesting experience that can only be felt in the work environment. At school or university, you just need to go to class, and if you don’t join any scientific research, the only thing you need to do is to complete assignments and mini-project of teachers in 3 months. Meanwhile, this project actually must be finished in only 1 week in this company, and with higher quality. Since then, I realized one thing that, when doing anything, you should do as tomorrow is deadline. And close cooperation with your partner, you will not only finish the work, but also learn a lot of things – including knowledge and experience.

And, other interesting things that I have learned are from my colleagues. They are those who have experienced passing a lot of difficult in work which I am doing today. Maybe, the difficulties are not exactly the same, but I think that they have overcome and matured, so I can also do it. Thanks to those people, the specific examples, so that I was able to integrate into the work environment. Moreover, I learned one thing that you should not compare yourself to those around you like which you did in school. You should just compare yourself with you in the past to see what you have done and what you have improved. Therefore, you can set goals for yourself and challenging yourself to become more and better.

Besides those exciting experiences, I also encountered many difficulties because of the nature of my working area which is normally more suitable for men. However, the biggest difficulty is knowledge. With knowledge of a new graduate student, I actually met a lot of difficulties because of the project in the company are real projects with real clients so It is important to have a knowledge for making error free products (which is called “Bug” in my major).

However, I know one thing, “Kites flying high not because downwind but upwind” So I will try my best to learn from books and learn from work to continuously improve myself. I hope that in future I will become a good example for young generations like my senior colleagues who are my idols.

To conclude, I would like to thank the hands offering help to me and friends here in the most difficult period of my life. I wish everyone here success and happiness in your life. Especially for you girls, you will truly succeed in your chosen path.