Speech of Dinh Thi Hien, student of NUCE in the Merali Scholarship Recognition Ceremony on 20 September 2015

On September 23, 2015

Good afternoon everyone

First, let me introduce a little bit about myself. My name is Hien from NUCE. I’m one of 100 lucky students who received the Merali scholarship. Today I’m delighted to tell you about my feelings. It really is a big pleasure.


Speech of Dinh Thi Hien, student of NUCE

Four years ago, I knew I passed at the NUCE where I always desired to learn. Of course me and my parents were very happy, but beside it, we were also very worried. My family didn’t have a lot of money. If I entered university, my parents would have to spend lot of money on me. For example, money for guest house, money for food, money for tuition fee, and many other things. Besides, they were worried because I was a girl. And many people said that being a civil engineer is not easy for a little girl. But at this time, I did not want to give up my dream. I didn’t think being a civil engineer is impossible for me. You know, my favorite maxim is “if someone can do it, I can do it, if no one can do it, I will be the first person that can do it”. If the man or the guy can do it, me – a girl can do it. Why not? So, I entered university with many dreams and many worries. Luckily, the Merali scholarship appeared like a guiding star when I was just a first year student at university – naive and disorientated. The Merali scholarship is very special and meaningful. I have never seen any scholarship like this before. It is just intended for the girl who studies a major about a technical subject. Merali sir is a terrific man. He can see the difficulty that a girl has when study at major about a technical subject and decided he can help. It’s very sympathetic and kind. I can’t say how lucky I can be when I became one of 100 students in Viet Nam to get the scholarship. The scholarship is very meaningful and important for my life. The money that scholarship gave us was not too much, but it made my life more comfortable. I did not have to do part-time work every day, so I have more time for studying – so I got a good result. In addition, the scholarship not only gave us money but they were also always beside us. You know, the other scholarship just give the student money and if the student doesn’t get a good result they will end the scholarship. But Merali don’t like that. They are beside us; they encourage us and guide us. If someone didn’t have good results in studying they would find the root of trouble and help us solve it. They established the free English class and the seminar about vocational guidance to help us to be comprehensive people. They always try to do the best for everything for us. I feel like part of a family when I’m one of 100 students who get the scholarship. Everyone studies together, plays together, smiles together, even cry together and take care of each other. I believe that the 100 students who luckily got scholarship have the same feelings as me. Four years is not a long time but it made me grow up and gave me a lot of beautiful memories. After we graduate, we don’t know what we will become but I hope we will remember each other and the wonderful things in our lifetime. And now, I want to say: “Girls, I love you, all of you, thanks for being my friends”. And, I want to give my thanks to the Merali Foundation, The Asia Foundation, CED and the Merali scholarship. I don’t know how to express my thanks. You helped me a lot and I will never forget your kindness. Thank you from my bottom of my heart for everything. Thank you so much.

That is something about my feelings. Many thanks for your attention.