Selection Criteria

On April 14, 2014

Merali Scholarship will be awarded to low-income women who have been admitted into one of the approved colleges or universities. The candidates for the scholarships will have demonstrated academic achievements and commitment to learning. Selection will be based on the following:

  • All scholarship recipients must be entering their first year of college or university; and
  • All scholarship recipients must have secured admission to one of the tertiary institutions on the approved list of colleges and universities.

Scholarship Selection CriteriaThe scholarships will be advertized at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, the National University of Civil Engineering in Hanoi and Hanoi National University in early August. The Foundation and the CED will jointly review applications and interview those applicants who meet the selection criteria in late August 2011. The students will be rated on the basis of need to ensure that students who receive the scholarships are from low-income families and could not afford to pay the tuition without the scholarship. Each girl will be ranked overall and the most qualified and worthy girls will be offered a scholarship. Final selection will be announced in mid- September and following this, an award ceremony will be organized in late September. The scholarships will cover all tuitions, admission and examination fees for all students, as well as the required books and educational materials.

Through the Foundations’ books for Asia program, The Asia Foundation will select collections of books with subjects relevant to the scholarship students and distribute them to the universities which the girls attend.

The students’ rights and responsibilities

  • In order to receive the scholarships for 4 or 5 years, the students have to ensure they will achieve good academic results throughout all semesters.
  • To ensure the overall transparency of the program, the students granted with scholarships will open a personal bank account at Vietcombank and CED will transfer the scholarship money in their respective bank accounts 3 times a year.
  • Scholarships will be transferred 3 times a year: the first time is at the beginning of the academic year, the second time is during the second Semester and the last time is at the end of the academic year.
  • They must always try to complete their courses and obtain the highest scores (no lower than an average of 6.5 for each subject);
  • Use the scholarship money for academic purposes only;
  • Every year, each student in the program will submit: ( i ) a plan on how they intend to spend the scholarship money during the academic year, ( ii ) a mid-term learning report and ( iii ) the final report to the PMU:
    • i. Plan expenditure (to be submitted at the beginning of the academic year but no later than 30th of September). The students have to present a plan on how they intend to use the scholarship money during the academic year such as: tuition, books, notebooks and learning tools. Scholarship money must only be used for academic related expenditures and may not be used for other purposes. In 2011, the deadline for submitting the plan expenditure was November 15th of 2011.
    • ii. Mid-term Report (to be submitted after the final grade results of the first semester are obtained, but no later than 15th of March). The students have to write about their grade results of the first semester and the accomplishments they have achieved/difficulties they have been experiencing during their learning process.
    • iii. Final report of the academic year (to be submitted after obtaining the second semester and year grade results, but no later than 15th of August).The students have to show their results for the second semester and the whole year; the accomplishments they have achieved/difficulties they have been experiencing during their learning process.
  • The program also encourages the students who have received scholarships to share their successful stories with and to thank the scholarship program for helping them achieve success.
  • The student should include photos from their learning and daily life activities in their reports;
  • In addition, the program will create a website in order to give the students a chance to connect and encourage each other during the learning process. They are encouraged to share their photos, results and their academic achievement as well as the difficulties they have been experiencing in order to help each other.
  • PMU will also hold discussions and regular student meetings during which the students could support and encourage each other during their studying process. Specifically, the students attending the same university will meet once every 2 months and additionally at the end of each semester. All program participants from the three universities will meet once a year.

Terms and procedures for withdrawing from the program:

  • If a student wants to withdraw from the program because of objective reasons, she will have to submit a withdrawal application form and explain the reasons for her decision. The application form must be notarized and express the student’s parent’s commitment to refund the scholarship money she had received but did not use. (Don’t understand?)
  • In case, a student does not achieve the learning requirements as outlined, PMU will suspend her scholarship and require her to refund the unused amount.
  • The above cases will not be allowed to participate in the recruitment scholarship program process again.