Pham Minh Trang – Female student from Ha Noi National University

On April 14, 2014

Pham Minh Trang is a second year student at Hanoi National University that has had to overcome many difficulties in order to achieve high academic results. Trang is a girl with beautiful dreams and she hopes to overcome the hardships of life.

Pham Minh Trang - Typical girl from Ha Noi National University Her family condition has been very difficult since her father passed away from cancer after spending nearly a year in hospital. Currently, only her mother works and supports her and her sister while they both attend university. She worked part-time but the income was not sufficient. The day she entered university was the same day her father was admitted to the hospital for surgery and cancer treatment. At that time, instead of being taken care of by her parents to find accommodation, buy new clothes and school supplies, she had to take care of herself alone. However, she was lucky to be supported by the Hanoi National University and was admitted at the dormitory of Foreign Languages University – Hanoi National University. Thus her accommodation was convenient and stable. Her roommates and classmates were also very friendly and she quickly integrated into the new environment.

When asked about how she felt when she received the Merali Scholarship, she was thrilled to say: “Merali Scholarship is my hope and my motivation to study hard. Thanks to it, I will not be an economic burden for my mother and my family. This scholarship will help me focus primarily on my education and will give me that chance to participate in various social activities. I feel very happy and proud because my efforts have been recognized. Thanks to Merali Scholarship Program, we got to know that we are not alone on the path towards a brighter future!

After feeling blue due to her mother’s economic difficulties, she feels joyful again after attending lectures at the university. Merali Scholarship has brought her hope and strength that serve her as motivation for a better future. When asked about her dreams, she says she wishes to study hard, participate in many useful activities, be selected for the academic majors and practice at a laboratory. Her dream after completing the undergraduate program is to obtain a pedagogical certificate in order to teach and research at Lam Son High School. She is determined to study and finish her higher education as long as she has enough funds and maintains the ability.