Nguyen Thi Nhu Thao – Female student from The Ha Noi University Of Science And Technology

On April 14, 2014

Nguyen-Nhu-Thao-merali-scholarshipNguyen Thi Nhu Thao is 2nd year student studying Engineering Material at Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Her family situation is very difficult – her mother is a farmer with a low income and takes care of her 2 children who both attend university. Her father passed away due to illness when she was in 12th grade. That same year, her brother entered the Hanoi University of Education. Her family’s circumstances became more difficult after all the misfortunes that happened.

Despite these circumstances, she has overcome the difficulties she encountered during her first year at the university environment. She said: “Studying at HUST is very difficult and demanding and thus sometimes I do not feel well. Besides attending classes, I also have to work part time in order to pay for other living expenses. I therefore have to work harder than my classmates who have more favorable family circumstances. I have some experience that I want to share with the new university students: during their first year at the university, the students should try to find their own suitable learning methods that fit the university environment and should try to always make time for study“.

From our conversations with Thao and other female students from the Merali Scholarship Program of HUST, we concluded that the initial difficulties of the girls studying engineering environment is that they are very timid and tend not to ask their male fellow students questions regarding the study material. This makes the learning process uninspiring and makes them feel lonely. However, some girls shared that the boys are very enthusiastic and helpful once they become friends.