National University of Civil Engineering student’s speech during Merali Scholarship Award Ceremony year 2015 – 2016

On December 9, 2015

First, I would like to send my greetings to everyone coming here today. It is my honor to represent 40 female students from National University of Civil Engineering and be standing here to express my thoughts and feelings.

Ladies and gentlemen, all representatives, teachers and fellow students,

My name is Le Thi Dung, student of class 60 KT2, faculty of Economic and Construction Management, one of the 40 female students luckily received Merali Scholarship. I am very happy and lucky to be a student of National University of Civil Engineering, a place of my hope and dream. Getting in university is a joy and pride of my family, but also a concern of my parents. Although my family is not wealthy as many others, my parents are always consider education the best path for their children. Because of the faith and encouragement from my parents, I can get in an engineering university with high hopes.

When I received notice about Merali Scholarship, considered myself as suitable candidate, I tried my best to earn this scholarship. The scholarship is a motivation, a light shining way for a new student living far from home, with financial and mental pressure. I appreciate that this scholarship is only for female students from engineering university every five years, in specific faculties including mine, faculty of Economic and Construction Management. It is a empathy, a difficulty relief to us, as female students in an engineering, mostly-male university. I am grateful to the Foundation for this scholarship.

Le Thi Dung

Ms Le Thi Dung, Economic and Construction Management, National University of Civil Engineering

Merali Scholarship is not only a support for us in finance but also an encouragement in our education. It keeps our hopes up, shines light on our ways. In this scholarship program, we can attend many useful activities such as gatherings, English classes, exchanges and interesting field trips and volunteer events. It is a chance for us to grow, to gain confidence, to build foundation and reach to our dreams. This is the greatest companion and assistance we can have. From now on, we will be a part of a big family, where people from different regions, backgrounds walking on a same path and direction. They are students with difficulties but determine to chase education. As a girl studying in engineering, I am absolutely proud and trust in my choice, and will try my best to have high results, complete myself and get along with community. Thus, for me, earning this scholarship is not only a joy but also a reminder to try harder.

My fellow students,

When receive the scholarship, we are officially members of a big family, who will accompany us throughout our university years and maybe even after graduation. It is a positive influence affecting our lives and our families. The scholarship program will watch over our steps, help us grow and have brighter future.

My friends, to achieve those, we have to try harder and don’t waste time to useless things. Especially, think about family, people counting on us, don’t let them down.

To all representatives and teachers, we promise to accompany with the program, be active in all extracurricular activities, and grow with the program. We hope to go back and contribute to the program after graduation and help other students to overcome hardships like us. In order to do so, we will try our best to deserve our parents’ raising, education from our teachers and support from the foundation.

I am grateful for the scholarship and thank you for listening. Wish you healthy, happy and successful. Wish my fellow students always beautiful, successful and confident of your choices. And finally, wish Merali Scholarship Program continue to expand.

Thank you very much.