1. Objective

  • Develop a dynamic environment and a positive atmosphere for the bachelor students in order to let them share and apply the knowledge they have obtained during their course of study.
  • Create a supportive team that would keep them motivated to achieve their personal goals.
  • Create a dynamic student community through a variety of useful and meaningful activities.

2. Four Core Values

Club activities are based on four core values.

2.1. To Own Yourself

Create a positive, dynamic and safe environment to help members enjoy their activities, become more creative, confident and help them develop their potential.

2.2. To Own Your Life

The positive and meaningful activities will help members to keep “the fire” during the group meetings, to monitor the progress together and encourage each other to overcome the challenges on their way to completing their mutual goal.

2.3. To Own Knowledge

The student club is an exchange to share learning methods and essential skills that would help you become more confident in life. Participating in the student club will also help you improve your leadership skills.

2.4. To Own All Relationships

Club members have the opportunity to interact and communicate with each other during the many group work activities. It is also a place where you build new friendships with other students and thus obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain healthy relationships in your everyday life.

In addition, club members will also aspire to the following values:

  • Love valuably
  • Truthful feedback
  • Dedication

3. The Club’s Objectives

Currently, the Club is focused on “learning & soft skills” and “for the community.” In the near future the club plans to originate and promote other various activities.

A. Learning & Soft Skills

Learning & Soft Skills” is a chance for the students to practice and apply the acquired methods and essential soft skills into their own lives in order to become outstanding individuals.

It is also an opportunity for you to make new friends, interact with and learn from other members’ experiences

B. For The Community

For the community” gives students the chance to participate in various practical activities that would benefit the community and thus create valuable difference through their work. Through this platform, the members have the opportunity to participate in various humanitarian activities.

Moreover, this is an opportunity for the students to truly live up to the saying “One for All and All for One” and work for the development and betterment of the community and the Vietnamese society as a whole.

4. The Spirit Of The Club Members

• Be flexible and easy to adjust to different conditions, always be prepared and in condition for immediate action, be hardworking.
• Help each other in the way to progress, ameliorate and improve each other.

5. Directions To Implement The Club’s Activities

  • Through various meetings and activities, create a dynamic and active environment for the members to participate.
    • Enhance the activities of the teams
    • Executive Committee: support the operations and activities of the team
    • Members: actively participate in the creation and the implementation of the ideas
    • Bond through thematic activities
    • Organize contest, picnics and sports events
    • Organize activities for the Bachelor students
  • To strengthen the club’s organized events and projects, cooperate with the Center for Education and Development and other similar clubs.
  • Operational structure

 6. The Organizational Structure Of The Club

The club must be set up according to a specific organizational structure. Depending on the club’s structure and field of operation, there should be a Chairman and up to 3 Vice Chairmen in charge of finance, content, media, etc…

CED synthesis and compiles from the available resources