On May 13th, 40 Merali female scholarship recipients participated in a writing Curriculum Vitae and recruitment interview skill training course. Trainers were human resources officers from many companies of different fields such as transport, technic, tourism, service, etc.

Each student prepared a CV on her own in advance. The 40 students were then divided into groups to practice interviewing with employers. Although it was just a practice, students said that they feel highly nervous and anxious because of the professionalism of the organizations and the employers. Each student was encouraged to show all of their knowledge, skills, etc to persuade interviewer to choose them.

The interviewers in training course included Ms To Mai Anh (T&T Hospitality), Ms Dang Thi Minh Tho (Peugeot Ha Noi), Mr Hoang Quoc Uy ( Uy Tin Phat Co.,Ltd), Mr Pham Van Quan (MP Software), Mr Nguyen Van Thuat ( Duoc Hai Dang Co.,Jsc), Ms Hoang Thi Men (APT Travel). Due to the diversity of the different occupations, the employers created colorful training course with a variety of recruitment styles allowing students to experience and familiarize themselves with the actual recruitment interview.