Managing, monitoring and reporting on prgram scholarships

On April 28, 2014


Maintain contact with donors, provide information and reports of educational attainment of students; coordinate with university staff to monitor and support their learning process as well as organize activities which improve their skills. Manage finances and produce associated reports for donors.

Project Management Unit (PMU)

With the long-term scholarship program, CED will establish a PMU including a CED representative, the sponsor, teachers and staff who manage students which receive scholarships. The PMU will meet two times a year (after the end of semester 1 and semester 2), and may hold supplementary meetings if any problems arise.


Financial Management

Money from the scholarship for secondary students will be transferred to their parents. For college students, money from the scholarship will be transferred directly to students into their bank account. For long-term scholarship programs money is transferred every quarter. The family of the secondary and college students will be instructed as to how to spend the money they receive in order to ensure that the money is spent only for tuition fees, buying school supplies, learning outside of class, and other costs related to ensuring that they can continue their studies.

Activities for students who have received scholarship

Besides financial support, CED will support the organization of training programs, volunteer activities and community support.  Moreover, there will be events for them to interact with each other to help them gain new knowledge and life skills.