A letter to a daughter

On March 26, 2014

Nguyen Thi Nhan, K56 is a student at the Department of Meteorology, Oceanography and Hydrology at the Hanoi National University. Her family is poor. Her parents are farmers and live with an income of 1 million VND per month while raising 4 children attending school. She received a scholarship from the Merali program in 2011. Despite the difficult circumstances, she always studies diligently and achieves high academic results. In addition to the financial support from the Merali program and the support of her friends and teachers, the love of her family is an important motivation for her. The following text, which she agreed to share with the other students in the Merali program, is a letter that her father wrote to his three daughters who study in Hanoi.

2.05am, August 23, 2013

My lovely daughters,

I cried 3 times when you left our home town for Hanoi, to study at university. Our joy and happiness doubles when you join your sister steps in a university; The whole family is very happy and proud of you. However, I always worry for you since you are girls and this is the first time you’re living away from home. You will have to do all by yourself, without the help of the family or me.

A letter to a daughter

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In a big city like Hanoi, you will enter a new environment with many risks. Every night, I stay up late because I miss you. I hope you will understand my worries. The day you received the results and knew you would go to university, I was able to only prepare a small party with some neighbors to wish you the best of luck. Your grandfather, aunts, uncles and cousins also came to support you before you left to study in Hanoi. In the past, I did not have the chance to study but you must remember that your grandfathers love you and are so proud of you.

While I am writing this letter to you, your mother is asleep and I am preparing to go to my nightshift. I can only give you all my love and I hope you will study hard. All three of you attend university and thus your mother and I need to work more in order to be able to support you financially. However, I am aware that the money I send you is not enough for your life in Hanoi. When you entered university, your mother and I often scolded or argued with you. That was because we had to raise money for 3 of you at the same time. I hope all of you will study well and live well. I love you so much.

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