Hanoi: Deploy Office 365 and Azure training for female students from the Microsoft YouthSpark Scholarship program.

On June 21, 2017

On 20/7, the students from the Microsoft Youthspark Scholarship program in Ha Noi participated in a Microsoft Office 365 training session comprised of two parts: Office 365 and Microsoft Azure with Microsoft tutorials at the Microsoft Office. In the tutorial session, the students also asked questions about Microsoft Office and shared their experiences of working within companies and non-governmental organizations.

The female students who received the Microsoft YouthSpark Scholarship,were trained in using Microsoft office 365 at the Microsoft Office.

Nguyễn Văn Luyện_ The Microsoft Student Technology Ambassador instructing girl students on how to log into Azure.

Mr Luyen introduced Azure to the students. Azure is a Microsoft cloud platform that offers a range of services enabling the development, deployment, and management of solutions for virtually every IT problems.

The female students practiced with Azure.

The Microsoft YouthSpark recipients are female students studying either Computer Science or Information Technology in 8 universities throughout country. Students receive the Microsoft YouthSpark Scholarship.
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