How girls receiving scholarships are supported

On May 7, 2014

1 . Financial Aid
Those receiving the scholarship are schoolgirls who come from disadvantaged backgrounds so the Center will annually transfer a scholarship fund to their personal accounts to help cover their tuition fees, buy school supplies, or to enroll on additional classes.
2 . Skills training
Besides financial support, CED continuously organizes skills training and student networking events in Hanoi to help them absorb more knowledge and useful skills for life.
3. Skills training programs / exchanges
Every year, the center will conduct training programs for life skills, effective learning methods, social events, and sharing life experiences. This includes the learning experiences of 100 female students and educational experts. These programs aim to show schoolgirls how to learn effectively, acquire time management skills, be able to understand financial management and improve communication skills. Through these exchanges CED helps create conditions for schoolgirls to meet, get acquainted and communicate with members of the project management as well as representatives of the school administrators to develop their confidence and get in communication with friends, so they are able to solve problems in both everyday life and study. In addition, the Center regularly updates information on the web site ( to provide useful information to the students who participate in the program.


4.The curriculum

As well as training programs and exchanges, CED is interested in monitoring the impact of scholarships on the schoolgirls who receive it. After each semester the center will scrutinize their mark sheets to see which subjects they are excelling at, and which they need help with. For special or unusual subjects, the Center will liaise with the management staff of the university to contact with the subject department in question in order to supply more feedback. As for the subjects such as English or Information Technology, the Centre will appoint full-time staff to help them.