English – Fear of young people

Training program: English – Fear of young people

From 7:30am to 11:00am, Monday June 20th 2022 in Classroom 3 – Resource Center for Community Development of An Giang University (AGU), a training program “English – Fear of young people” was held. It was hosted by Thai Thi My Chau – ex-student of Foreign language faculty of AGU, and Vice dean of Training department at Saigon Edtech (an education start-up company). This is one of many programs in which CED collaborated with An Giang University to provide to Asian Foundation’s STEM scholarship recipients.

The program attracted many students due to its interesting topic. By joining the program, students learned about: The common fear of students when learning English; Principles of language acquisition; Difficulties in learning English.

They had a chance to work in groups, share effective methods in learning and memorizing English, participate in solving situations, and set up a study plan. This is a truly practical and useful program for students since it motivates them to study and improve their English skills.