Dao Thi Dinh – Female student from the Ha Noi University of Science and Technology

On April 14, 2014

Dao Thi Dinh - Typical girl from the Ha Noi University of Science and TechnologyDao Thi Dinh is a 2nd year student in the faculty of Electronics – Telecommunications at Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Dinh is the leader of the Merali club of Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Her parents are farmers with an unstable income, so the scholarship is a sufficient financial resource for her to support her education. The support from her family, university and the Merali Scholarship helped her reach high academic results. In addition, Dinh also participates actively in the activities organized by her university and the Merali club.

She is a student at the Electronics – Telecommunications faculty – a faculty dominated by male students and is well known for its difficult curriculum and educational activities. When asked about the difficulties she had faced, she answered cheerfully: “In a technical environment, female students must hold a welder, a screwdriver, a saw… You cannot see the gentle girl in this circumstance. Moreover, there are only 10 girls among all 200 students in the university hall. Because of all the male students, the atmosphere in the hall is always silent; no skirts, no makeup. I do not regret that I study this major”.

Dao Thi Dinh merali scholarshipHowever, not all female students show such a good attitude when asked about studying in an environment dominated by male students. Some girls answer that they experience difficulties to learn and work in groups with male students because they usually feel shy in front of the opposite sex and are thus often afraid of start a discussion unlike their confident male fellow students.

When asked about her dreams, she said: “After studying at university for two years, my previous plans have changed. I hope to graduate with a good degree and with applicable knowledge and skills. I believe that after graduating with good degree and practical abilities I will get a job to secure my future life!