Over three days from December 18th  to 20th, Can Tho University collaborated with The Center for Education and Development to organize a soft skill training course for female students who received the Teillon Ludlow Scholarship. The students were trained in communication skills, teamwork, emotional management, personal finance management, creative thinking and problem solving,… by professionals and faculty members from Can Tho University.

The training course focused on many skills, including the following

Communication and Teamwork

  • Demand, Role and Factors affecting communication behaviors.
  • Listening
  • Speaking and Presenting
  • Teamwork

Emotional management

  • The general concept of emotions
  • Differentiating positive emotions and negative emotions
  • Disadvantages of lack of control over emotions in activity and communication
  • Emotional awareness skill
  • Self-awareness of emotions
  • Empathy and understand the emotions of others
  • Control your own emotions
  • Emotional management exercises
  • Practicing emotional self- awareness
  • Practicing positive thinking
  • Practicing emotional control
  • Practicing emotional stress relief

Personal financial management skill

Creative thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Creative thinking
  • Problem solving

This soft skill training course aimed to provide the Teilon Ludlow Scholarship recipients with the necessary knowledge, basic soft skills and an appropriate, interact environment, to learn and practice soft skills.

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